Towada Horse Park – Komakko Land / TOWADA CITY

Since old times, Towada City has prospered as a production center of Nanbu horses and during Meiji period, Towada City was home to a warhorse supplement division. In the park, there is the Shotoku-kan, a museum dedicated to introducing the culture and history surrounding the Nanbu horses. There are also pastures where you can experience feeding horses and riding horseback, and parks with large playground equipment.

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開催日 : 2020年2月22日(土) 18:00 ~ 20:30


1次会場 ラムちゃん食堂 / 2次会場 BEACH HOUSE BITTER


参加条件 : 男性 20歳~35歳 女性 20歳~35歳

募集人数 : 男性10名 女性10名 (先着順)  

※ 定員に達した時点で締切ります。

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