十和田八幡平国立公園 | 楽しむためのルールとマナー | Towada-Hachimantai National Park | Rules and Manners for Enjoyment



十和田八幡平国立公園とは | Towada-Hachimantai National Park


Towada-Hachimantai National Park is home to the vast mountainous area of Lake Towada, the Oirase Gorge, and Mount Hakkoda, as well as outstanding and varied natural scenery.


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Ministry of the Environment - Click here for highlights of Towada-Hachimantai National Park

十和田八幡平国立公園の成り立ち | Origin of Towada-Hachimantai National Park


Towada National Park was designated as “Towada National Park” on February 1, 1936 (Towada/Hakkoda area), which includes Lake Towada, the Oirase mountain stream and Mount Hakkoda, and was added on July 1, 1956 (Hachimantai area), which includes Mount Hachimantai, Mount Iwate and Mount Akita Komagatake. The park consists of two regions. The total area of the park is 85,551 hectares, of which 45,060 hectares is in the Towada-Hakkoda area.

十和田湖 | Lake Towada


Lake Towada is a clear and pure lake with a double caldera, covering an area of 61 square kilometers, with the deepest lake, Nakano-Umi, at 327 meters.

奥入瀬渓流 | Oirase gorge


The Oirase gorge, which boasts of the beauty of its mountain streams, is the only river flowing out of Lake Towada, and is 14 km long from Nenokuchi to Yakeyama.

八甲田山 | Mt. Hakkouda


Hakkoda is a mountain range, the highest peak of which is Mt.Oodake.
Its elevation is 1,584.4 meters.
It is dotted with deep forests of beech and Abies sachalinensis, as well as wetlands and ponds formed in its peat layer.

自然公園法を遵守しましょう | Observe the Natural Parks Act.







National parks are protected by a law called the Natural Parks Law. Unlike the U.S. and Canada, which have vast areas of land, national parks in Japan cannot dedicate all of their land to park use.

In the case of Japan, the land within the park is a complex mixture of state, public, and private land, and is also used for other industries such as agriculture and forestry, so the land within the park is divided into areas for management.

National parks are divided into two main categories: “ordinary areas” and “special areas.

Of the special areas, the most important and core areas of the park are designated as “special protection areas” and are the areas with the strictest nature protection regulations.

Towada-Hachimantai area of Towada-Hachimantai National Park is 10,291 hectares. or approximately 20% of the total area of the park, and the special area as a whole is 40,979 hectares. or approximately 90% of the total area.

Lake Towada and the Oirase Gorge were elevated to the status of Special Place of Scenic Beauty and Natural Monument in 1928, and their nature and scenery are also protected by the Cultural Protection Law.


劇団エムズパーティーが制作した「ようこそ十和田八幡平国立公園へ 国立公園を楽しむためのルールとマナー | Theater Company M’s Party produced “Welcome to Towada Hachimantai National Park: Rules and Manners for Enjoying the National Park.”

国立公園は 子供や孫たち。それ以降の世代もこの美しい自然景観を楽しむ事が出来るよう貴重な資源を永久に保護し、後世に伝えてゆく所です。その為に開発など、人の手を加える事を制限して大切に保護されています。そこで皆さんにお願いがあります。







落書きは しないで下さい。



National parks are for our children and grandchildren. National parks are places where precious resources are permanently protected and passed on to future generations so that they can enjoy the beauty of nature for their children and grandchildren and for generations to come. For this reason, they are carefully protected by restricting development and other human intervention. So, I would like to make a request to all of you.

1- Please do not pick plants or damage trees.

2- Do not catch or threaten animals.

3-Please do not enter the area except on the boardwalk.

4-Camping and bonfires are not allowed except in designated areas.

5-Please smoke in designated areas. 

6-Do not throw trash away, take it home.

7-Do not write graffiti.

8-Do not disturb others around you, such as shouting or walking with your radio blaring.

We ask for your cooperation in protecting nature and ensuring that everyone can enjoy themselves.

劇団エムズパーティー | Theater Company M’s Party


Theater Company M’s Party produced a 2017 production of”Thoughts of Love and Peace – A Maiden’s Statue Story”Click here